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Dan Walker is an internet marketing expert based in Ottawa, Ontario, specializing in social media, web design, search engine optimization and e-mail campaigns.

Dan Walker will not continue with the third-person narrative, except for in headings like this:

About Dan Walker

I have worked in a few different computer-related fields since the advent of the internet as an employment option. My background includes positions with small marketing companies, in service industries, and in IT.

My official titles have been sufficiently expert-sounding: systems administrator, manager, marketing specialist. I have also been given unofficial monikers over the years, stuff like internet repairman, marketing ninja, and internet superstar. The ‘ninja’ designation is overused these days, I mostly reject that one – though I do have a couple years of training in martial arts under my (purple) belt, which makes me dangerous both with Photoshop and on the mean streets of Faircrest Heights.

All of this gives me a functional background in online marketing, design philosophy, technical matters, and code. I like to think of it as a practical mix, focused on good technique and backed by proven experience.

What I do

“Online marketing and web design” sounds awfully broad, doesn’t it?

For a better idea of the sorts of projects I like to work on, take a look at what I do. My portfolio will give you a sense of my design style and offers links to several of the online properties I’ve developed or improved for my clients. You may also want to read up on what’s new with me on my latest news weblog.

If the bottom line is what you’re most concerned with, don’t be shy – see my rates and quotes page.

Contact Dan Walker

Any questions? If you’d like to know more about my work, to discuss your project, or to receive a free quote for services, please contact me.

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